How to link citations with Hakyll?

2022-01-30 CC-BY

I am using the newest Hakyll version 4.15. This version depends on the newest citeproc package. Previously, pandoc-citeproc was used to handle citations and style.

I need to replace pandocCompilerWith with my own bibtexCompilerWith that will link the citations. bibtexCompilerWith could look something like this:

bibtexCompilerWith :: ReaderOptions
                   -> WriterOptions
                   -> FilePath
                   -> Identifier
                   -> Compiler (Item String)
bibtexCompilerWith readerOpts writerOpts bibPath cslPath = do
  csl <- load cslPath
  bib <- load (fromFilePath bibPath)

    >>= turnOnLinkCitations readerOpts  -- insert Pandoc link-citations metadata
    >>= processPandocBiblio csl bib     -- existing Hakyll function that inserts more metadata
    >>= return . writePandocWith writerOpts

Turning on link-citations is straightforward:

turnOnLinkCitations :: ReaderOptions
                    -> Item String
                    -> Compiler (Item Pandoc)
turnOnLinkCitations ropt item = do
  pandoc <- readPandocWith ropt item
  withItemBody (return . addLinkCitations) pandoc

addLinkCitations :: Pandoc -> Pandoc
addLinkCitations (Pandoc meta a) =
  meta & unMeta
       & M.insert "reference-section-title" (MetaString "Bibliography")
       & M.insert "link-citations" (MetaBool True)
       & \m -> Pandoc (Meta m) a

Hakyll provides the processPandocBiblio function and uses the given bibtex file to edit the meta map (that is also edited here for link-citations). If I would prefer to not use bibtex but list all of the citations in YAML frontmatter of the article, then I would edit the pandoc meta directly.

For this post, I create a bib/citations.bib file that includes a reference, then I configure it in the YAML and cite an entry in the text like this [@colbourn2006handbook], or like this [@colbourn2006handbook, pp.33-35] and leave it at the end of the paragraph. [2]

The bibliography below will include it. The citation style used is numeric but I can use any style by providing a custom .csl file that can be fetched from Zotero Styles Repository.

Note: To include references in the bibliography that are not cited in the article, I added a single hidden div element below that lists them.

<div style="display: none;">

[@furedi1996lottery; @burger2007towards]


[@vazirani2013approximation, chapter 1, page 33]




[5, page 33]

Another note: It is a bit weird to use footnotes at the same time.

Tangential note: I am linking citations but there is still no real article linking them. Such is life.


A.P. Burger, W. Grundlingh, J.H. van Vuuren, Towards a characterisation of lottery set overlapping structures, Ars Combinatoria. 84 (2007) 105–128.
C.J. Colbourn, J.H. Dinitz, Handbook of combinatorial designs, CRC press, 2006.
T. Etzion, V. Wei, Z. Zhang, Bounds on the sizes of constant weight covering codes, Designs, Codes and Cryptography. 5 (1995) 217–239.
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